fredag den 22. august 2014

Minna Heikkinen...

Minna Heikkinen talks about the passion of building and riding her chopper...
I have been riding bikes almost 20 years. Riding is my passion but I also love beautiful bikes and I love choppers most of all.
Getting together with Gordon from Unique Custom Cycles has opened new possibilities to take a closer look on how beautiful and functional bikes are made. Unique Custom Cycle´s Gordon, Ronna and Benna are known among many bike and car-builders from around the world for their exeptional skilled handcraft when they built bikes and cars.
I am not that skilled, or have that much knowledge yet that I could build this kind of bike myself but when we started this project I knew how I want it to be.
From the beginning the bike was built to fit me and it was made for riding, not for shows. But Gordon is perfectionist, so am I, and it turned out to be pretty nice chopper at the end. I can look at it long time and just enjoy the looks but most of all i love the way it feels when weare on the road. It is smooth and just perfect to ride with.