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FTWCO and Church of Choppers Brooklyn Invitational 2012

The fight goes on - FEMA

Dear reader,
In 2012 many important decisions have been taken in Brussels which will impact motorcycling and the motorcycle industry, for which FEMA has played an active role.
The new European regulation on the approval of two-wheelers, which has recently been approved by the European Parliament and by the Council, is bringing safer and greener bikes to European customers as from 2016. FEMA has reached acceptable compromises regarding issues like vehicle tampering, the accessibility of repair and maintenance information and durability requirements for pollution control devices, while supporting the introduction of stricter emission limits.
New on the Brussels agenda is the proposal of the European Commission to introduce periodic roadworthiness tests for all powered two-wheelers in Europe along with short testing intervals. FEMA rejects this proposal as it is expensive and ineffective in terms of motorcycle safety.
Talking about the safety of motorcyclists, FEMA has organised and participated in a series of events this year in order to keep the issue of “friendly” road restraint systems (also referred as crash barriers) high on the political agenda. Next to the publication of an elaborated manual for road authorities, FEMA has launched a website to promote and inform about motorcycle friendly road restraint systems already available on the market.
RIDERSCAN, FEMA’s EU co-funded project, has gone public at the European Motorcyclists Forum held this year at INTERMOT: the pan-European survey on motorcyclists and motorcycling safety will enable FEMA to draw the right picture of motorcycling in Europe. Available languages currently include English, French, German and Norwegian. Besides, interested riders are able to contribute to the project by providing relevant motorcycle safety resources for the project to consider.
We are looking forward to the challenges of 2013 as FEMA and its member organisations are committed to continue the successful promotion of motorcycling in the European Union.
Let me personally take this opportunity to warmly thank you for your support and wish you all the very best for the end of the year’s celebrations and this coming New Year.
Ride Safe,
Aline Delhaye
General Secretary of FEMA

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Tumblr.. ?

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Greasy Kulture: Follow my leader

Greasy Kulture: Follow my leader: Yep, Setzer was riding trad-style Knucks and Pans when everyone else was polishing their billet and seeing how many airbrushed skulls they...

Greasy Kulture: LSK 951

Greasy Kulture: LSK 951: Where are you now? Like an old girlfriend who treated me badly I never wanted to see you again... but sometimes I wonder.

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Customs From Jamesville Evo

                                                 Customs From Jamesville Evo

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Greasy Kulture: Wanna be an independent film producer?

Greasy Kulture: Wanna be an independent film producer?: A friend of mine, Jesper Bram (a well known pinstriper/artist), is putting the finishing touches to his film ' Flake and Flames: The kusto...

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Cool ( older) book about choppers and people, great photos...
"The bikes are as different as the people who build them"

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Tuesday Ironhead...


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1951 Harley-Davidson Panhead

                                                        1951 Harley-Davidson Panhead

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